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Maui is the #1 Island!!!

While not news to those in the know, Maui is chosen as the #1 Island in the World by TripAdvisor!

Maui is #1

For sun-starved worker bees, nearly any island will do. But for the island aficianado, Maui is No. 1!

Best Hawaiian Island

Hawai'i Magazine Reader's Choice Awards 2017 ranking the best island to visit.

They Say ...

David Ė we loved the place. You are a lucky man to have such a fabulous home, in such a fantastic location. †The whale viewing was incredible.

This was a dive trip with a buddy.† I would love to bring my wife, and stay with you in the future. On one dive (off West Maui), I had a roughly 200lb turtle approach and swim around me.† He hovered in front of me, face to face (his head was as big as mine too) for a few minutes, literally. In the background, I could hear the sounds of the whales frolicking/singing, loudly - and close by.† Iíll never forget it.†

Penthouse 5

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to create a home away from home in Maui for every guest to experience. Whether you prefer to prepare gourmet meals, or eat out every night. Watch sports on TV or sip a cocktail watching the Pacific. The Penthouses are the perfect place for you.

Be sure to take a look at our Photo pages as the place is just beautiful. Please use one of the Reserve tabs to ask a question, or to let us know when you would like to enjoy the best place in Maui.

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